National Poet of Wales in the Teifi Valley

When the BBC was preparing a series entitled Great Writers of Wales there was no doubt that Gillian Clarke would be the subject of an inspirational programme. Both portrait and tribute, the programme includes fine readings by the poet herself and enlightening commentary by a number of eminent Welsh writers, including Damian Walford Davies, Katherine Gray, Paul Henry, Meic Stephens and Menna Elfyn – her friend and fellow-poet who also lives in the Teifi Valley, in Llandysul.

Try to catch this excellent programme while it is still available on iPlayer – it’s there for you for another 18 days from now.

Meanwhile, think of Gillian at her home, Blaen-cwrt, busy taking words for a walk in the study she has made of the old ‘beudy’, the cowshed.

Lighting the lamps, November afternoons,
a reading book, whisky gold in my glass.
At my type-writer tapping under stars
at my new roof-window, radio tunes
and dog for company.

(from ‘Marged’, first published in Letting in the Rumour, 1989)

photo of Gillian Clarke, National Poet of Wales